Antenna Accessories Page


A. Scotch #88 black vinyl tape ( 3M )

B. ScotchKote,   a liquid, quick setting version of the #88 tape above  ( 3M )

C. Silicone Paste, to fill connectors       IE  no air pockets (voids) inside = no condensation



 A. Coated, 13 gauge, copper weld, copper coated steel,  stranded conductor 

WM#531  Toughcoat 'Silky' 13 AWG, 19 strand copper-clad steel with tough, high density, low-gloss polyethylene. Designed for through-the-trees, sea coast, acid rain or other inclement atmospheric conditions. Our most rugged, longest-lived, stranded antenna wire for any purpose. Jacket has minimal effect on performance - less than that of a year's accumulation of oxidation product on bare wire, with less noise.



Transmission Line

A. 440 Ohm, 14 gauge commercial vinyl ladder line

WM#551  440 ohm, 14 AWG, 19 strand copper-clad steel, same as 552 but designed for maximum legal power

B. 450 Ohm, 16 gauge commercial vinyl ladder line

WM#552  450 ohm, 16 AWG, 19 strand copper-clad steel conductors, poly-clad 'window'. Very flexible, easy to use, less prone to bending fracture, handles high power


Center terminals, Baluns, etc.

A. WA1FFL, center termination for ladder line fed dipoles       WM#805

B. W2DU, Choke sleeve balun for coax fed dipoles


End Insulators




A. Dacron  3/16" UV-resistant Dacron     770 Lbs. breaking strength  for supporting center and ends of dipoles      WM#816

B. Dacron  5/16 " UV-resistant Dacron      1260 Lbs. breaking  strength, used mainly for support, guying, hauling, etc.   WM#818               I guy my Rohn 25g tower with this rope

This dacron rope has a black nylon cover.  Its easy to see the white dacron showing through  the black nylon cover when the UV cover disintegrates.  This gives you one year to replace the Dacron.


Notes:   I prefer everything black if possible.    If it isn't black paint it with some black Krylon acrylic spray. Also tie everything off, using a stepladder, to make things inconvenient to reach for a passerby.



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