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Notice that in only a few more years many carriers besides the TELCO'S (Telephone Companies) will have telephone lines and high speed Internet available to homes inside and outside of the inner cities and towns. Many new carriers, providers besides the Power Companies are going to deploy fibre optics on the Telephone, Power poles and sewer pipes. I am particular to the " Radio, Wireless" types at bottom, WiMax especially!

"FCC Chairman Powell: "We want to get more platforms"

The last mile access race is heating up     CNN Article

BPL below is definitely a poor choice for consumers and deployers, one big un-shielded radiation mess.

BPL ( Broadband Power Line Technology )  Voted in by FCC Feb 12, 2004

 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada  makes high-speed power play

first installation of BPL (Broadband Power Line technology) in Canada

Amperion The premier power line networking equipment company

Expansion planned for Northern Kentucky and Indiana

Earthlink Invests In Broadband Over Power Lines

AT&T invests in BPL

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Community Broadband Networks


Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP)

Power Utilities with Fiber

The three big incumbent phone companies behind the industry's largest fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) proposal


Wi Max Radio  900 MHz and 3.4 Gigahertz More than Line of Sight  This new protocol means much profit for deployment on High Mountains  (such as Mt. Greylock) 802.16a Newest and For a valley system, best Wireless  8 Mile Radius, up to 15+ Miles with small directional antenna at subscriber homes.  For high mountains Up to 75 miles line of sight.  Un Licensed 4 Watt Transmitter at Access Point  7.5 VDC  2 Amp Supply can be Photo Voltaic

Intel Works with many partners developing WiMax 

Intel and Proxim

Intel and Alcatel

4G cell mobile to combine WiMax and 3G cell mobile

802.16a Wireless Links the Last Mile

Intel To Develop 802.16a Silicon For "Last Mile" Wireless Broadband Solutions  09 July 2003

How to select the best Access Point Supplier (ISP)

Tutorial on Fixed Wireless   Do your own Community Non Profit Co Op

# 1   Alvarion's  900 MHz Excellent Commercial but expensive equipment

# 2  WaveRider's 900 MHz cheaper Last Mile Solution    Do your own Community Non Profit Co Op

WaveRider's Cheaper NLOS ( Near Line of Sight ) Kit for 900 MHz Services   Retail $ 5,000 Review

# 3   Trango Broadband Wireless    Do your own Community Non Profit Co Op

Trango 900 MHz Multi Access Products

Next Net Wireless


Wi Fi Radio     802.11   a ,b & g

Why and How



Buying the inter net  Besides Verizon in New England, The FCC allows hundreds of Companies to sell IP Backbone Bandwidth

UU Net's New Owner   one of my favorite good old routers, good old price


Cushcraft  Inexpensive wireless antennas directional and omni-directional   Manchester, New Hampshire  603 627-7877

Cushcraft  896-940 MHz Antennas

General Info

Good Broadband News Site

Wireless LAN Forum


The lower frequency 902-928 MHz frequencies easily propagate over one hill and usually over a second hill, rarely over three. 

Notice that in these many different protocol methods that all are not only capable of high speed internet but some include multiple telephone subscriber lines. Of course I'm a RF microwave radio Guy. I use a licensed, E band, 8 mile point to point link with Uda antennas to inexpensively extend my cable TV internet modem over one mountain (Pine Cobble).

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