Heath Kit SB-220

    In 1969, Heath Kit of Benton Harbor, Michigan released a small power house, 80-10 meter linear amplifier with two Eimac 3-500z's in parallel.  Only $370 for a 1000 watt Plate dissipation, kit amplifier really shocked the world. I built one for a handicapped friend, used it for two days, and quickly had to hand it over to him. Finally, 31 years later, I purchased two of them, one  very poor  condition and the other in cherry shape.   I started with the one in poor condition first. After rebuilding the HV supply, I set out to add 160 meters to the normal 80-10 coverage. Rich Measures ( AG6K ) loves detail, and documents his  Mods to add 160 here .  My junk box allowed the final result.                                   More later;